Cable Pulley System

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Cable Pulley System

$69.00 $172.50 sale

Want large cable machines with something small, equally effective, and inexpensive?

Our Cable Pulley System has got you covered. This system is compatible with all your standard cable attachments and comes with a straight bar that’s perfect for lat pulldowns, cable curls, cable crunches, cable squats, tricep pulldowns and so much more. The Cable Pulley System can also be height-adjusted to ensure maximum comfort for everyone.

Just as effective as free weights while being much safer, this will give you a full-body workout that builds strength and muscle in all the key areas. So get creative, experiment, and achieve your dream body with the Cable Pulley System. 

  • Compatible with standard flat plate weights (not included)
  • Max load 110lbs (50kg)
  • Free Bonus (Worth $950): Access to our library of over 300 workout videos + professionally made workout guides/plans by world-class fitness trainers
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