Stackable Resistance Band Set

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Elevate your home workouts and get closer to your fitness goals with our stackable resistance band set.

Delivering up to 280lbs (130kg) of resistance when stacked, this 5-band set strengthens, tones, and sculpts your body unlike anything else. Extremely versatile and adaptable to almost any workout, these resistance bands have been scientifically proven to be far superior and safer than traditional weights. With a secure door anchor, ankle straps, and padded handles included in the set, it makes workouts super easy and convenient whether you’re at home, hotel room, or in the gym.

With a 5-year replacement warranty on your set, this portable gym will cost you less than 20c per week over 5 years.


  • Our equipment is used by the United States Coast Guard
  • Lightweight, travel-friendly, and easy to store
  • Scientifically proven to be superior to traditional weights
  • Compatible with all workout styles including pilates, HIIT, and even yoga
  • Push harder with our add-on bands and foldable bench-press bar
  • Free Bonus (Worth $950): Lifetime access to our library of over 300 workout videos + professionally made workout guides/plans by world-class fitness trainers
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook community with daily workout videos
  • 5-year replacement warranty


Set includes:


*We are the original creators of the Stackable Resistance Band Set, while there have been many other imitators of our product, nothing comes close to our continually improved design, quality, durability, and 5 years of free replacements included.