Latex-Free 30lb Green Stackable Resistance Band

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Latex-Free 30lb Green Stackable Resistance Band

$12.00 $29.00 sale

Finding good resistance bands can be challenging if you have a latex allergy! That's why we've developed a new set of bands from a Thermoplastic Elastomer, which is similar to latex but provides a great alternative for those with a latex allergy. 

This latex-free blue stackable band provides a range of resistance up to 30lbs (13.5kg) and is perfect on its own, or add it to the other non-latex bands to stack them up for more resistance!

Why not create your custom set from our other single latex-free stackable resistance bands below? 

N.B - This is a single resistance band and does not include any carabiners or handles. We recommend adding it to an existing NON-LATEX set or purchasing handles and carabiners if you don't already have them!

Our Latex-Free bands differ from the bands in our usual 150lb set, which are made from latex, and as such, we do not recommend mixing them as the stretch and resistance will feel different between the two types. 

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