Tricep Rope

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Tricep Rope

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Our Nylon Tricep Pulldown Rope has the ideal range of motion to isolate triceps and abdominal muscles, making it an essential part of any home gym routine.

In total, the pulldown rope measures 70cm (27inch) and is constructed from gym-grade materials, including extra-durable braided nylon, strong rubber grips, and a heavy-gauge steel hook for attaching to your bands. The pulldown rope targets your triceps and abdomen more precisely than a straight bar alone.

Upgrade your home gym with this classic favorite of professional bodybuilders. 


Features of the Nylon Tricep Pulldown Rope:

  • Isolate your triceps like never before
  • Great range of motion and smooth operation
  • Rope length: 70cm
  • Durable braided nylon, solid rubber grips, and heavy-gauge steel hook
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