Mini Resistance Band Set


Mini Resistance Band Set


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Activate your Glutes and work on your lower body with this resistance loop band. Ideal for building strength and joint stability.

Comes with 5 different strength levels:

  • Extra light (10lbs)
  • Light (20lbs)
  • Medium (30lbs)
  • Heavy (40lbs)
  • Extra heavy (50lbs)

Perfect for smaller muscle groups, stretching, rehab exercises and targeted recovery.

The continuous loop makes them perfect for targeting the hip-glute complex, legs and shoulders with lateral movements, resisted squats, forward-backwards leg extensions or shoulder stabilisation exercises. 

Stretch better and stay focused with these resistance loops!

DISCLAIMER - As with all exercise equipment, all resistance bands sold by HomeProGym can be dangerous and may have a risk of injury. Use at your own risk - please see our full disclaimer here

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