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Barre de bande de résistance
$47.20 $59.00
Transformez vos bandes de résistance en haltères lestés avec notre barre de bande de résistance. Essayer de faire des squats ou des développé couchés avec des bandes de résistance régulières peut être une affaire douloureuse et frustrante. Avec la barre de bande de résistance, vous pouvez empiler autant de bandes de résistance que vous le souhaitez et effectuer vos mouvements composés préférés avec une facilité sans effort. La barre est dotée de poignées rembourrées douces et de fer de qualité militaire pour vous permettre de la pousser aussi fort que vous le pouvez. Vous pouvez également l'utiliser avec nos ancrages de porte pour effectuer une presse pectorale debout, des rangées assises et des tractions de triceps ou l'utiliser pour effectuer des étirements, des élévations de jambes et des flexions abdominales inversées. Polyvalente et très efficace, la barre de résistance est la clé d'un ajustement plus fort.   Caoutchouc résistant et antidérapant Conception à visser sécurisée Charge maximale de 800lbs/300kgs Bonus gratuit (d'une valeur de 950 $) : accès à notre bibliothèque de plus de 300 vidéos d'entraînement + guides/plans d'entraînement conçus par des professionnels par des entraîneurs de fitness de classe mondiale N.B - Il s'agit d'une barre uniquement et n'inclut aucune bande de résistance. Veuillez visiter notre ensemble de bandes de résistance empilables page pour commander les bandes et la barre ensemble dans l'une des versions + BAR.
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Tricep Rope
$23.20 $29.00
Our Nylon Tricep Pulldown Rope has the ideal range of motion to isolate triceps and abdominal muscles, making it an essential part of any home gym routine.In total, the pulldown rope measures 70cm (27inch) and is constructed from gym-grade materials, including extra-durable braided nylon, strong rubber grips, and a heavy-gauge steel hook for attaching to your bands. The pulldown rope targets your triceps and abdomen more precisely than a straight bar alone.Upgrade your home gym with this classic favorite of professional bodybuilders.    Features of the Nylon Tricep Pulldown Rope: Isolate your triceps like never before Great range of motion and smooth operation Rope length: 70cm Durable braided nylon, solid rubber grips, and heavy-gauge steel hook
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Tree & Pole Anchor
$19.00 $47.50
Use our tree & pole anchor to attach your bands to trees, poles, and other solid objects!  This provides a secure method to attach bands, especially when utilizing higher resistance levels. Size: 37x1.5inch (95x4cm)
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Power Band Carabiners
$10.00 $25.00
Want more versatility from your Power Bands? Use our Power Band Carabiners to easily attach your power bands to any accessories, like our Resistance Band Bar, Tricep Rope, or Pole Anchor. Made from the strongest iron available and with a patented locking mechanism, these carabiners will safely handle anything you can throw at them. Designed specifically to fit the power bands, the inside diameter of these carabiners measures around 18 inches (46cm), allowing plenty of space for your power bands to fit.  Comes in a pair of 2x Power Band Carabiners. 
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Ultra Door Anchor
$23.20 $29.00
Your resistance bands (of any kind) will be tenfold more practical and adaptable thanks to this incredible Ultra Door Anchor attachment. This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive door anchor attachment ever made available on the market. The Ultra Door Anchor will provide you with 5 locations to mount from top to bottom on the door, allowing you to perform a full body workout. It fits any standard door, so there is no need to worry about changing between doors or taking it with you on travels. Leave it attached to your door for an immediate full-body workout anytime!
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Wall Mount
$25.00 $63.00
This wall mount allows you to securely attach your resistance bands to a wall, giving you a stable anchor point for a variety of exercises. The mount is made from durable materials and can hold up to heavy use, making it ideal as the most secure way to use your resistance band set.
-20% sale
Storage Rack
$35.20 $44.00
  ALL-IN-ONE GYM STORAGE: Holds weight lifting bars, resistance bands, jump ropes, chains, barbell clips, and more! INDUSTRIAL GRADE: Solid, stamped steel supports multiple items EASY INSTALL: Mounting hardware included CARABINER CLIPS: Extra storage on both sides of the rack to hang TRX bands, cables, gym attachments, and more.
-61% sale
Ultra Door Mount
$59.00 $148.00
Our ultra door mount is the strongest, most secure door mount we have made! Place the clamp over your door, tighten it with your fingers, and get started! If you're unsure whether this opening is large enough, perform the following experiment: the anchor will fit if you can slip a stack of four credit cards through the gap between the door and the frame. In some circumstances, the hook can also be attached to the side of the door or clamped to the bottom of the door.
-61% sale
Roof Mount
$35.00 $89.00
Introducing the Fixed Roof Mount for resistance bands - the ultimate solution for adding versatility and intensity to your workouts at home or on the go. Perfect for exercises such as tricep pulldowns and more. Set Of 2 Screws - Use 1 set for attaching to wood, the other for attaching to concrete. Easy to attach to a wall, vertical stud, or secure overhead beam, cannot be installed on suspended ceilings. Take Your Workout To The Next Level - Diameter: 4.75 inch / 12 cm. Safely Supports up to 1000 lbs, so you can focus on taking your workout to the next level from novice to the military. Strong and Sturdy thickened base of 0.2'' (0.5cm), the welding method is deep into the bottom, making the whole Wall Mount durable and safe.
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