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Resistance bands are providing solid home workouts during pandemic shutdowns

It once seemed that resistance bands weren’t part of mainstream workouts and were more designed for older adults doing light aerobics. HomeProGym set out to demonstrate how resistance bands can actually be used for highly effective exercise for people of all ages, and since the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have been giving it a try.

According to HomeProGym, their sales and social media following has grown since COVID-19. With gyms being closed around the world, more and more people are looking to workout at home.

HomeProGym started as a partnership between a physiotherapist and commercial pilot who both struggled to get to the gym on a regular basis. They created a stackable resistance band set that was portable and could be taken anywhere while traveling. Although resistance bands have a somewhat negative reputation in gym circuits, the truth is that bands can be used for serious workouts.

HomeProGym partnered with Instagram influencers Ryan Spiteri (2 million followers), Chris Clark (800,000 followers), Organic Twins (500,000 followers), and others to get the word out during the COVID-19 pandemic. As sales and social media followers have spiked, so have the positive reviews.

One recent customer said, “I spend 20 minutes each way driving to the gym, now I get home from a busy day and simply attach my HomeProGym stackable resistance bands to my door for a quick full body workout in under an hour, and I save all the travel time to the gym – now the gyms have reopened and I’ve canceled my membership as I see no point.”

HomeProGym not only offers lightweight, portable, and effective resistance bands, but they also offer workout plans to help customers get the most from their bands.

As gyms reopen, people using HomeProGym stackable resistance bands say they are saving their money and time by canceling memberships. While gyms are reopening, many have capacity limitations due to COVID-19 that are further slowing people down from getting to the gym. Resistance bands give them freedom from the inconvenience of having to wait to get into the gym, wipe down equipment after use, wear masks, and frequently wash hands while there.

Now that people are still working from home and dealing with the various restrictions during the pandemic, more and more people are seeking ways to stay or get in shape without having to get out and go to the gym. HomeProGym’s stackable resistance bands have offered an eye opener for people around the world. Now, people can get a full body workout from the comfort and convenience of home – and they can save time and money while doing it.

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