Resistance Band Bar

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The ultimate stackable resistance band add-on! This bar features specially designed clips to make it easy to attach and detach the desired number of bands. Soft padding around the bar to ensure it's comfortable and non-slip during use. 

There are endless exercises that can be completed using the bar! Attach the bands to the bar and to a secure door anchor and you've got a chest press, or use it to complete bicep curls or upright rows during standing. 

The bar is made from solid military-grade iron meaning it will never bend or break, and comes as two pieces with secure screw-in technology to make it easy to transport but completely rigid when assembled together.  

  • Military-grade iron
  • Coated in durable rubber
  • Secure screw-in technology
  • 800lbs/360kgs max load
  • Secure attachment points
  • Free Express shipping included! 

N.B - This is a bar only and does not include any resistance bands. Please visit our stackable resistance band set page to order bands and bar together.