Pull-up Bar

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Pull-up Bar

$59.00 $147.50 sale

Bring home the best way to train your upper body.

It’s no secret that pull-ups and chin-ups strengthen and build muscle in your back, shoulders, and arms. But it doesn’t have to be a “gym thing” anymore with our universal Pull-up Bar. Use it with any of our high-resistance bands for assisted pull-ups, assisted dips, and sit-ups or without for chin-ups, dips, and inverted rows.

Easy to install on any standard wooden door frame and extremely sturdy, it instantly switches your workout from regular to beast mode.

  • Transforms your home into your favorite gym
  • Quick and easy assembly in under 2 mins (can be installed without nails OR with nails for heavier individuals)
  • Fits any standard wooden door frame (62 cm up to 100 cm)
  • Foam padded with high-density foam
  • Free Bonus (Worth $950): Access to our library of over 300 workout videos + professionally made workout guides/plans by world-class fitness trainers
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