Mini Resistance Band Set
Activate your Glutes and work on your lower body with this resistance loop band. Ideal for building strength and joint stability. Comes with 5 different strength levels: Extra light (10lbs) Light (20lbs) Medium (30lbs) Heavy (40lbs) Extra heavy (50lbs) Perfect for smaller muscle groups, stretching, rehab exercises and targeted recovery. The continuous loop makes them perfect for targeting the hip-glute complex, legs and shoulders with lateral movements, resisted squats, forward-backwards leg extensions or shoulder stabilisation exercises.  Stretch better and stay focused with these resistance loops! DISCLAIMER - As with all exercise equipment, all resistance bands sold by HomeProGym can be dangerous and may have a risk of injury. Use at your own risk - please see our full disclaimer here
Pull-up Bar
Bring home the best way to train your upper body. It’s no secret that pull-ups and chin-ups strengthen and build muscle in your back, shoulders, and arms. But it doesn’t have to be a “gym thing” anymore with our universal Pull-up Bar. Use it with any of our high-resistance bands for assisted pull-ups, assisted dips, and sit-ups or without for chin-ups, dips, and inverted rows. Easy to install on any standard wooden door frame and extremely sturdy, it instantly switches your workout from regular to beast mode. Transforms your home into your favorite gym Quick and easy assembly in under 2 mins (can be installed without nails OR with nails for heavier individuals) Fits any standard wooden door frame (62 cm up to 100 cm) Foam padded with high-density foam Free Bonus (Worth $950): Access to our library of over 300 workout videos + professionally made workout guides/plans by world-class fitness trainers
Power Band Set
from $59.00
Get ready to go explosive with our Power Band Set. Created for those who aren’t shy to go heavy, this set features 5 flat resistance bands with varying weights from 15 lbs to 220 lbs, to max out at over 550 lbs (250kg) of resistance.  These can be used as regular weight substitutes to perform hammer curls, squats, bench presses, and rows, while also adding or reducing resistance in traditional bodyweight exercises like pushups and pullups (with our pullup bar). Lightweight, foldable and portable—the set is an ideal workout companion at home and even on the road. Made with industry-leading latex and materials, these bands will handle anything you put them through. Safer and more effective than traditional free weights (read article here) Set includes neoprene door anchor and soft foam handles Want to push the boundary even further? Get the Monster Power Band and complete the set. Length: 82inch/208cm Over 550 lbs (250kg) of resistance. Free Bonus (Worth $950): Access to our library of over 300 workout videos + professionally made workout guides by world-class fitness trainers Power Band Set Includes:          Orange - 5-15 lbs (2.2-7 kg) Green- 10-35 lbs (4.5-16 kg) Black - 75-120 lbs (35-55 kg) Red - 120-175 lbs (55-80 kg) Grey 220lbs (100kg) Monster Power Band (Add-on) Ultra-Dense Neoprene Door Anchor  Soft Foam Handle Set Digital Workout Guide Access
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